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Personal Trainer

Tailor-made to help you get the most of your fitness program, 1-to-1 training is perfect for couples or anyone who wants dedicated and focused workouts to ensure you achieve your targets and transform your life. Whether you are looking to increase muscle tone, burn body fat, increase endurance or just improve your quality of life, opting for a personal trainer will put you on the right track.  

DreamQuest Fitness offers personalized one-to-one training on the DreamQuest Driveway. Based on the results of your personalized DreamQuest Fitness assessments and consultation, our 60 minute one-to-one training session delivers meaningful and measurable results, privacy, and best of all, a hygienic workout environment without the gym crowds.  Certified DreamQuest coaches Pep and Tiff Fernandez offer weekly virtual calls to assist in keeping you on track and motivated towards your wellness goals. As an added bonus, holistic nutrition guidance and training routines can be personally designed for the off-days when you're training on your own. In the event of severe inclement weather, training will be adapted or rescheduled. 

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